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    How to


    1. Simply wet the Guide Me Wash Cloth or Exfoliant with warm/cold water to loosen the fibres, making sure you squeeze out any excess.

    2. In circular or outward motions massage the wash cloth into the skin to lift and remove any makeup, sunscreen and impurities from your day. In circular motions massage the Guide Me Exfoliant into the skin to buff away dead skin cells for a bright and clearer complexion.

    3. After each use go in with a mild soap and warm water to clean The Guide Me Wash Cloth and Exfoliant making sure to squeeze out as much excess water as possible and place in your drawstring bag. Ensure both are hung up in a space where it can air out and dry. 

    4. Once a week or when needed place in the washing machine on 40/60c, note the drawstring bag is also machine washable.