a skin guide

ASGFR stands for 'A Skin Guide for Rookies,' a Facebook community created with the purpose of allowing skin lovers to come together and openly talk all things skincare and beauty. Capre had a vision to grow a space where individuals felt comfortable expressing their skin concerns whilst having the support of many individuals who have all been in a similar skin situation at some point.

We want to encourage as many individuals to understand the true benefit of a simple & sustainable skincare routine.

meet the founder, capre cleary

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Capre always had a passion for skincare.

Having experienced problematic skin herself, she became determined to find simple, more effective ways to achieve healthy, clear skin without relying on an excessive number of products.

Through her personal journey, Capre recognised the importance of connecting with like minded
individuals who shared similar skin concerns and potentially benefitting from her knowledge and

This is when A Skin Guide for Rookies was born.

we are environmentally conscious

It is time to let go of the single use makeup wipes and opt for a simple & sustainably conscious solution. By incorporating only a single Wash Cloth into your routine, you are replacing over 500 face wipes that would be thrown into landfill each year ultimately harming our environment.