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Is the Guide Me Range machine washable?

Yes! The Guide Me Wash Cloth, Exfoliant & Wrap are all machine washable plus their drawstring and canvas bags.

The Guide Me Wash Cloth & Exfoliant are to be machine washed on 40/60 degrees and hung to dry.

The Guide Me Wrap can either be hand washed (preferred) or on a delicate cycle on cold.

How long does one wash cloth last?

One wash cloth can last up to 4 to 6 months depending on your usage and care.

When you find your wash cloth to be worn and not as fluffy that is when we recommend making the switch.

Can your drawstring bag become mouldy?

This may be caused from condensation in your bathroom and it not being able to air dry.

If this happens we recommend machine washing the drawstring bag and hanging it in an air flowed space, e.g the outside door handle of your bathroom or bedroom and once fully dry you can hang it back in your bathroom with your wash cloth inside.

What soap do you use to clean your wash cloth?

We recommend after each use to go in with a natural, mild soap to eliminate any makeup, sunscreens etc you had removed with your wash cloth.

What size do I pick in the Guide Me Wrap?

xs/s - 60cm length x 110cm bust

m/l - 70cm length x 125cm bust

Our wraps are a smaller make so if you have a larger bust I highly recommend opting for the m/l