With such a positive reaction surrounding the ASGFR community and listening to what ‘real people’ actually wanted, Capre found the passion for wanting to create a real-life, sustainable, simple, every day product that could help all on their skincare journey.

"Whilst I was in the process of creating my Facebook community, I always knew I wanted to bring out a product that suited each and every one of them. When I was on my skin journey, I struggled to find a product that didn’t aggravate the skin and with that it drove me to create a non-invasive product with multiple benefits suited to all skin types."

Capre Cleary - Founder & Creator

  • It’s time to ditch the single use wipes and opt for a simple & sustainable solution, the Guide Me Wash Cloth. By incorporating a single Wash Cloth into your skincare routine, you are replacing over 500 face wipes that would be thrown into the bin and ultimately harming our environment.