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The Guide Me Wash Cloth Trio

The Guide Me Wash Cloth Trio

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Experience the unique Guide Me Wash Cloth that has helped over 1000+ individuals achieve their skincare goals by implementing a simple product that will clear your skin within 30 days GUARANTEED!

*DISCLAIMER* ASGFR is not responsible for the high possibility of any Wash Cloths being stolen by family members or friends.


✔️Clears your complexion

✔️Achieve a deep clean by only adding water

✔️Works and is effective on all skin types

✔️Cuts out unnecessary skincare products

✔️Simplifies your skincare routine

✔️Saves you money and time

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100% GUARANTEED! If your new skin saviour does not leave you feeling confident and satisfied within 30 days, feel at ease knowing that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Your New Best Friend

It's simple, smart and sustainable. The new and improved way to cleanse your skin in as little as 30 seconds, making sure you achieve a deep clean without the use of any additional skincare products. The best part is all you need to do is add water!

It's time to put a stop to the vicious cycle of 100+ skincare products

Maintaining a successful skincare routine can be very stressful and an expensive process to say the least. Constantly trying product after product and slowly adding to the never ending collection, desperately hoping for that new winner that is going to wash all your skin issues away. 

Living the rookie life ourselves, we know this feeling all too well. It has now become our passion to bring 'real people real results'. 

We want to share the importance of minimising unnecessary skincare products and focus on only the vital ones. At ASGFR we are stripping it all back to the basics and proving all you ever needed was simplicity.

Why The Guide Me Wash Cloth?

Want a taste of all 3 signature colours? This pack includes one of each colour from our range in Charcoal, Mocha and Snow in a size of your choice. These stylish square shaped wash cloths are made up of ultra-fine microfibres, which when activated with water works to get deep into your pores to lift and remove any makeup, sunscreen and impurities from your day.


✔️Clears your complexion

✔️Achieve a deep clean by only adding water

✔️Works and is effective on all skin types

✔️Cuts out unnecessary skincare products

✔️Simplifies your skincare routine

✔️Saves you money and time

Each wash cloth comes with a breathable, drawstring bag made from 100% cotton to ensure your product is kept dry and clean whilst adding an aesthetically pleasing touch.

Using The Guide Me Wash Cloth & Exfoliant

The Guide Me Wash Cloth:
Soak your wash cloth in warm/cold water ringing out any excess to begin cleansing the skin. Use the wash cloth every morning and night in replacement of your current cleanser.
The Guide Me Exfoliant:
Soak your exfoliant in warm/cold water, ringing out any excess to begin a gentle exfoliation. Use the exfoliant 3x a week, replacing all skin disrupting exfoliants that you used to use. 

Drawstring Bag:
Once you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin, rinse and clean your product in warm/cold water using a mild soap and hang in your new aesthetically pleasing drawstring bag to air dry.

How to Page

How to Page


  • "I didn’t realise that my cleansers were drying my skin out and causing breakouts. When I have used a cleanser in substitute for a night or two while the wash cloths were in the wash, I instantly noticed the difference it had on my skin."

  • "I only noticed the other day how much better my skin has gotten in terms of redness and breakouts. The wash cloths really help to wash away the makeup and properly take everything off the skin."

"I honestly love the wash cloth and exfoliant and it is now my everyday routine! I’ve eliminated any cleansers and am only using the wash cloth and exfoliant and a moisturiser."

'Teagan Smith'

Were Bringing Back Simple Sustainable Skincare

What started out as a Facebook community, where anyone could openly talk about their skin concerns, share product reviews, recomendations, and have the support of many individuals who have all been in a similar skin situation at one point, has grown into a sustainably concious product that was specifically designed to be simple and effective, suiting all skin types.

Our goal is to empower those that skincare can be simple. It does not need to be complex and complicated. You dont need 100+ products to achieve a glowing complexion. All you need is a minimalist skincare routine, partnered with your new go to essential and it will leave you with that gorgeous dewy skin.


Its all about stripping back your skincare routine and taking a more minimalist approach. 'Glow up" and embrace your skin.

Let your natural tones shine through. Gone are the days of the #shelfie, with people flexing the amount of products they own.

Skinimalism is all about accepting our skin for the way it is and choosing to highlight the best features without the pressure of looking perfect. We provide you with a multi-tasking product that is affordable, effective, and ultimately better for your skin, wallet, and the environment.


Which Additional Wash Cloth Do You Want?