• Jessie

    "I love the simplicity of these! The amazing product removes makeup and cleanses your skin with the most gentle of microfibres which when activated with water work to get deep into your pores to lift and remove all impurities from the day reducing acne and congestion whilst improving the look and feel of your skin! They make life so much easier, a definite must have and an amazing product!"

  • Ashley

    "These products have changed the way I take of my skin with or without makeup! In the morning I use my cloth to wash my face with my cleanser, then when taking of my makeup (goodbye useless makeup wipes) I use another one of my guide me cloths! From someone who used to use harsh chemicals & dry makeup wipes, whilst also using my fingers to apply my skincare, using this cloth has made SUCH a difference to my skin🥺"

  • Kirsten

    "I love these reusable wash cloths! They are so soft and gentle on my skin and have totally upgraded my end of day routine. They take off makeup so easily with only just water! Never going back to makeup wipes again 🙌🏽"

  • Alessandra

    "Such a great product that leaves your skin feeling so soft and well cleansed! Especially with the addition of the exfoliant! Beautiful colours and I love that it’s eco friendly!"

  • Lizaan

    "Soft, easy and simple way to remove my make up after a long day. Honestly so surprised that I do not need a cleanser or make up remover. LOVE IT"

  • Taylor

    "Love the texture, so much nicer than any sort of cloth I’ve ever put on my face. Made with intent, I’ve got one in my shower, one to cleanse my face after a workout and one for travel. Obsessed"

  • Raquel

    "Leaves my skin so so soft after using it !! Got my boyfriend using it and he loves it!"

  • Capre

    "So easy and comfortable, I do not take it off! Perfect accessory when getting ready"