A Skin Guide for Rookies is a Facebook community created with the purpose of allowing skin lovers to come together and openly talk all things skincare and beauty. Founder Capre Cleary had a vision to grow a space where individuals feel comfortable expressing their skin concerns, share product reviews and recommendations, personal skincare routines, offer and request advice and most importantly have the support of many individuals who have all been in a similar skin situation at one point. Together as rookies, we came to realise that skincare is not a destination, it’s a journey.

With such a positive reaction surrounding the ASGFR online community, Capre found the motivation and passion for wanting to create a real-life, every day product that could help all, rookie or expert and with that ‘The Guide Me Wash Cloth’ was born. 

Made up of gentle microfibres, this wash cloth is compact, reusable and of course environmentally friendly. It’s designed to suit all ages, men and women, fitting seamlessly into their skincare routine as a simple, go to product to assist in the removal of any makeup, sunscreen and impurities.

It is time to leave behind the overwhelming and complex routines and make the switch today to your new skincare saviour.

Here at ASGFR we are a rapidly growing family that continues to share advice, knowledge, must have's, do’s and don’ts. If you aren't across our Facebook group we would love for you to join and share your skin journey with us.

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