In this blog I have decided to roll out with the hard stuff first as this is where my real skin journey began. It is the reason why I wanted to create a product so gentle on the skin and why I am so dedicated to share my knowledge with you.

Now a little background, I stopped the contraceptive pill back in August 2019 and after one month let me tell you, was I regretting that move. I dealt with small pimples, constant breakouts, I lived at the beautician, I bought every product under the sun and what felt like a life or death decision I finally decided to go visit a dermatologist which I thought best suited me.

I visited SouthDerm Dermatology where they assessed my skin and decided the best outcome for me was to go on Roaccutane. The side effects obviously got me doubtful but in that time of awful skin, sad emotions and desperate times you will try almost anything so I said yes. 

I started my medication back in January 2020 and I got prescribed 20mg each day for the first 4 weeks then started on 40mg each day until I ended my course in August 2020. Throughout my whole experience all I can preach is 3 words - Hydrate, Lip Balm, Sunscreen (your 3 best friends, literally).

I never completely understood the term less is more until I started Roaccutane and I can safely say now I was definitely guilty of applying 10 layers of creams or scrubbing my face numerous times a day thinking it would cure my issue but now I know it was doing quite the opposite. In saying that I am definitely not advising you to not do these things but I am suggesting to do them in reason or moderation. 

In this blog I want to share with you some of my Summer and Winter go to products which I loved whilst on Roaccutane and I continue to still use a few to this day which I will astrix. I have also listed some vital pointers when it comes to Roaccutane to help anyone about to start or currently on their journey who need guidance because let me tell you I wish I had a solid guide to follow prior to going on it as I made some rookie errors!


  • The Guide Me Wash Cloth + Exfoliant*
  • QV Gentle Face Wash
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cream Cleanser
  • QV Day Cream 30+*
  • Dermal Therapy Lip Balm*
  • Neutrogena Night Concentrate


  • The Guide Me Wash Cloth + Exfoliant* 
  • Hydro Boost Cream Cleanser
  • Cetephil Moisture Cream*
  • QV Day Cream 30+*
  • Dermal Therapy Lip Balm*
  • QV Gentle Face Wash
  • QV Night Cream
  • Eco Tan Glory Oil*
  • QV Intense (only on parts of the face and body I need)*


  • Hourglass Illusion tinted moisturiser (still swear by this)*
  • Bareminerals complexion stick*

You will realise soon enough that wearing makeup is one of the hardest things when tackling dry skin. Every foundation I used would stick to my skin and leave uneven patches until I found the above products, game changing and still what I use today.


  • The Guide Me Wash Cloth* 
  • Clinique take the day off balm


    • WATER - I drunk up to 3 litres of water everyday and I am not joking I honestly think that is why I hardly struggled with overall dryness. If you are not getting up to go to the toilet every 15 minutes you’re doing something wrong - so drink up!

    • LIP BALM - Take it everywhere, if you forgot it buy another one. I think I spent more money on lip balm then clothes that year, if my friends heard me say where is my lip balm one more time I think they would have defriended me.

    • LASER - If you are like me and have had laser your whole life make sure that situation is up to date because once you are on it you can’t be booking appointments to see your local Laser Clinics until you are off the medication.


    • SQUEEZING - I can’t stress this enough. I learnt that the hard way and I had to deal with scarring but your skin becomes so fragile you will physically slice it (sounds insane) but no joke it will end up looking 100% worse and you will have to deal with the consequences when it is totally avoidable (p.s this is relevant to anyone reading Roaccutane or not don't squeeze).

    • EXFOLIATE - This is something I could never wrap my head around as I loved exfoliating and every time I did it I would regret it straight after. If you are like me and just can’t help yourself and feel the need to one day do it I suggest using a face washer like the Guide Me Exfoliant instead as a replacement to your harsher exfoliants as it is a really mild form and at least you will feel you got some sort of layer off your skin without disrupting the skin barrier on deeper levels.

    • SUN - We all love the sun but when you’re on this medication teach yourself to dislike it. I did not leave the house without SPF, in summer I would always wear a hat. I am not saying don’t go to the beach or lay in the sun because I definitely did and do but just be mindful to always have sunscreen on which we should all be doing regardless.

    Winter tip - Be mindful of exposing your face in the cold air, your skin becomes very thin on this medication which makes it more prone to dryness etc and it caused me to have big red patches over my face.

    Overall I just want to say that the above is my own personal journey and there is no right or wrong answers every skin type and individual is different but I have heard a lot of negative stories in relation to this medication and I think for those going on it, it is nice to hear some positive sides to it. I do understand it is a really heavy medication that I would not go recommending to individuals, but if you were at a place like myself and you had confirmation from your dermatologist then I think it is okay to go ahead if you felt comfortable, it is definitely not always the answer there are lots of other pathways to go down so don’t give up.

    Disclaimer, all information provided is based off my own skincare journey and come from my own research, experiences and knowledge. 

    Do you have similar stories or tips? we would love to hear from you, email us at capre@asgfr.com

    Lots of love

    Capre founder of A Skin Guide for Rookies


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