Let's talk HORMONES

Let's talk HORMONES

When it comes to the lower cheek, jawline and chin area these are all signs of a hormonal breakout, this was right up my alley when it came to my personal acne journey before I started Roaccutane. In August 2019 I came off the contraceptive pill (Dianne 35-ED) after 6 years and this is when my skin really turned to sh*t. 

Yes this is normal, your hormones are rebalancing, you need to let it run its course, how many times did you hear that one whilst you had a thousand Mount Everest's popping up in a new place everyday? a lot... I know. 

My goal to you is to try and lead you in a direction of self love and the right steps because I do not want anyone feeling like they aren't beautiful enough in their reflection or to seriously damage their skin in the process of trying to fix it. 

One thing I wish I told myself prior to stopping the pill was to go and visit a naturopath or dermatologist. For them to witness my skin at it's best and to help guide and lead me off the pill with the help of either natural herbs and remedies or antibiotics (which ever path you wish). 

I finally took my own advice after nearly a year off battling bad skin and on a heavy prescription to go see a local Naturopath to balance out my gut and and focus on keeping my skin in tact for the future (the things she told me shocked me and I think I could have saved my skin by going to her first..) I will get into that another day but let's just say it was to do with my bowels. 

Whilst I was trying to tackle my hormonal breakouts I did a heap of research and below I have listed a range of products that I found really helped me with my skin and particular things I cut out and still do to this day. 



This has a huge wrap for causing breakouts for people with acne prone skin. I am sure most of you have heard about this one, but in short form dairy contains hormones, this is going to mess with your hormones and this can be a cause of why you are breaking out. I cut out dairy from such a young age for my skin and continue to do so to this day. I most definitely continue to indulge in chocolate and cheese on the occasion but my overall no go would be full cream/skim milk. You can try replacing dairy with any type of nut or oat milk. 


Interesting I know. I used to eat peanut butter every day (natural one) and when I came across it apparently being a huge cause of hormonal acne I was shocked. I had done further research and read someone who mentioned peanuts themselves contain a chemical property that mimics androgen which is a hormone in our body. So when we eat too much or in the form of peanut butter (alongside high levels of vegetable oil and omega6) our body is tricked into thinking we have an excess of androgen and produces more oil = more sebum = more dirt and debris in skin. Try replacing it with almond butter (I personally like it way better now).



Contains a range of antioxidants to support glowing skin and gut health, B, B3 and C


Helps protect the skin's structural proteins, supports gut health

A Skin Guide for Rookies



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