Let's talk WINTER SKIN

Let's talk WINTER SKIN

As we all know the colder months on your skin can be a killer whether it be dryness, dermatitis, perioral dermatitis or eczema. I know for me this winter I have struggled with dryer skin more than ever before and there are reasons behind this which I will touch base on in another topic of mine. I know like a lot of us I have recently had to sacrifice my morning and night walks, for anyone who knows me that killed me but it made a huge difference to my skin which i guess makes it worth it. Below are my go to hydration products I have been loving for the winter.

QV INTENSE MOISTURISER - This is for extremely dry skin it almost feels oily, only use it on super dry patches as it could break you out if you have acne prone skin. 

CETEPHIL MOISTURE CREAM - A perfect everyday medium base moisturiser that I have loved and found has not broken me out. 

QV MOISTURISING DAY CREAM 30+ - This is my go to moisturiser every day, I swear by this. It doesn’t feel heavy but yet it’s so moisturising with benefits of SPF as this is so important. 

CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE – A really light weight gel consistency that I love applying after a layer of the Cetaphil moisturiser for extra hydration.

GLORY OIL - I have never been able to use oils on my face or I would break out, I came across this and began to use it as my last step which was over my moisturiser and I absolutely am obsessed, so hydrating and natural ingredients.

DIY HONEY MASK – I literally use normal honey from my home cupboard and spread a thin layer over my face and leave for 10 minutes and wash off, antibacterial and hydrating properties and all natural (go to).

SIMPLE 5 MIN RESET HYDROGEL FACE MASK – If you feel like pampering and using a sheet mask I really enjoyed this one.

DERMAL THERAPY LIPBALM - Cant forgot lip balm, there is no comment this just wins in my eyes ! 

WATER - My true honest opinion when it comes to hydration in the skin is water, you should be drinking no less than 2 litres of water a day, if you're not a fan of water mix it up, add lemon to it, make a tea, make smoothies with water in replacement to milk there are so many alternatives so no excuses thnx !

Disclaimer, all information provided is based off my own skincare journey and come from my own research, experiences and knowledge. 

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Lots of love

Capre founder of A Skin Guide for Rookies


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