During my early teenage years, I struggled with extremely oily skin. Looking back, I realise that much of the problem was self-inflicted. As a young person, I was convinced that any hint of oil on my skin required immediate action, no moisturiser (since my skin was already oily enough), no tolerance for shine, and a long list of other concerns such as acne breakouts and irritation.

Desperate for a solution, I begged my mum to take me to buy every product under the sun and I mean every product, some ranging from $200- $800+ and I look back now and think WTF did I get sold. From the age of 14 onwards I would be in the bathroom breakfast, lunch & dinner applying 100 layers of products in which I was told would work to help tackle my minor acne by "skin experts".

I brought my facial kits and LED masks to sleepovers and spent more time on my phone googling skincare tips than enjoying time with my friends. Looking back, I wish that I had come across advice that would have told me to stop and let my skin breathe. While genetics and hormones certainly played a role in my minor acne, I now realise that I made the situation far worse by overusing products that caused irritation, disrupted my skin barrier, and stripped my skin of its natural oils, forcing my skin to produce more oil and more issues.

I am going to share some rookie tips that I wish I new back in the day and hopefully this may help you in a little or big way. 

RookieTip#1 - Just because you have oily/combination skin does NOT mean you skip moisturising!! It's such an important factor for so many reasons. Having that squeaky stiff face is so last year, we are living in a generation where your face should be glowing from every angle and like Hailey Bieber says lets embrace major "glazed donut vibes".

For Oily/Acne prone skin try moisturisers that are non comedogenic, oil free, fragrance free.

RookieTip#2 - It's important to avoid over cleansing your skin since this can strip it of its natural oils, disrupting the skin barrier. If you're not replenishing moisture, your skin may overcompensate by producing excess oil, which can trigger sudden breakouts. So, it's essential to assess your skin's needs, evaluate the products you're using, and make sure you're incorporating the right ones. Sometimes, something as simple as adding or removing a product can make a significant difference.

RookieTip#3 - Find a beauty expert, beautician, dermatologist, nutritionist whom you trust and let them be of guidance if you feel necessary. It took me years to find the beauty experts I love, trust and admire. They’re my OG to this day. (I will list them below)

Favourite Beauty Experts:

  • Bliss Day Spa
  • SouthDerm Dermatology & Dr Pang Dermatology 
  • Dani Reed Natural Health

RookieTip#4 - LESS IS MORE, it's all we preach at ASGFR and it is the most important thing I tell anyone when it comes to skincare.


    Disclaimer, all information provided is based off my own skincare journey and came from my own research, experiences and knowledge. 

    Do you have similar stories or tips? we would love to hear from you, email us at asgfrookies@outlook.com

    Lots of love

    Capre founder of A Skin Guide for Rookies


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