Let's talk SLEEP

Let's talk SLEEP

When it comes to sleep you could say I am definitely an over sleeper but most girls out there I know really lack in sleep, whether it be they are just to busy to clock off at a reasonable time, they struggle due to anxiousness, overthinking or just cant seem to call it quits on Netflix but to put it in short form you need your beauty sleep.

Your skin and sleep are really the ultimate duo, so many people underestimate the power of sleep when it comes to having that glow in your skin and all the benefits that come with it. To get the most out of those benefits you need to be getting anywhere from 7 - 9 hours of sleep in a day.

When you sleep your skin goes into repair mode, it begins to produce Melatonin which has antioxidant benefits for anti-ageing, levels of the stress hormone called cortisol falls during sleep which can help repair daytime skin damage, your body will be making more collagen which minimises fine lines and wrinkles, the human growth hormone is also realised which increases strengthening to the skin. Being sleep deprived affects wound healing, skin’s moisture levels and texture. Inflammation is also a factor when being sleep deprived which can be a cause of breakouts or other skin conditions.

If you are someone who struggles to fall asleep at night I do feel for you. Earlier this year I went through a period where I really struggled to sleep and being someone who has always been a great sleeper I couldn’t understand how my brain was just not switching off. I can honestly relate to the frustration and annoyance it brings. I’ve noted a few ways that could potentially help you when trying to fall asleep.

  • say goodbye to your phone/laptop by 7.30pm
  • avoid drinking tea/coffee (anything caffeine based) before bed
  • read a book
  • 5 minute meditation/breathing exercise
  • visualise things that make you happy
  • exercise regularly

If you want to maintain your glowing complexion, minimal dark bags and non wrinkled face continue to have your 8+ hours of beauty sleep every night and make sure to hydrate yourself prior to sleep.

Disclaimer, all information provided is based off my own skincare journey and come from my own research, experiences and knowledge. 

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Lots of love

Capre founder of A Skin Guide for Rookies


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