Let's talk SKIN NEEDLING ft. Bliss Day Spa

Let's talk SKIN NEEDLING  ft. Bliss Day Spa


Skin Needling is an amazing treatment to have, the theory behind it is very interesting. The way I explain it to my clients is an analogy we can all relate to. Remember when we were kids and we would fall over and scrape our knee? And that white fluid would come to the surface that is Hyaluronic Acid, we naturally have Hyaluronic Acid in our skin, it’s our healing mechanism holding a 1000 times its weight and size of water.

When applied directly to the surface, it gives the skin a litre of water at a time, when infused into the skin with needling we are already encouraging hydration and healing. When the wound is starting to heal it goes red, itchy than the area forms a scab and eventually that new skin is pushed to the surface. This is what we are doing in a controlled micro setting! We are tricking the skin into thinking it’s wounded or in trauma to encourage collagen and elastin, stimulating fibroblasts.


Skin Needling is a service that benefits a range of concerns and conditions such as ageing, dehydration, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, collagen & elastin loss, acne, rosacea, scarring and dull looking skin.

I recommend having Skin Needling once a month for three months then every 8-10 weeks for maintenance. I always recommend my clients to be well prepped with correct skin care, an in-depth consultation and facial treatment two weeks prior to their needling appointment.

 Contraindications: Photosensitive medication, Roaccutane or topical Retinol, Heavy medication, Cancer patients.

 Skin Needling can also be done whilst pregnant and breastfeeding.


After your needling appointment it is important to not touch your skin, do not put any skincare on as this will only irritate your skin. The next day only use your basic cleanser and moisturiser, do not use any active ingredients or exfoliate for 5-7 days depending on how irritated your skin feels.

You can apply mineral makeup the next day but please avoid when possible and remove thoroughly.

Post needling it is important to have: No sun exposure for 2 weeks, no waxing or hair removal treatments, no physical activity post treatment for 48hrs, no spray tanning solution to area, no spas, saunas or chlorinated pools.

Keep skin clean and cool!

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